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Whether people read an article or book that I have written, or participate in a workshop that I am facilitating, or hear me speak, my hope is that they will learn something interesting, entertaining or useful, and will consider it time well spent..


Kym has a wide range of interests and has been invited to speak to community organizations, classes, and conference groups on a number of topics. She has led walking tours focused on the history of downtown London, Ontario and as a guest on CBC radio enlightened listeners about The Fur-Bearing Trout…and other true tales of Canadian life. She is an engaging speaker who is able to connect with a variety of audiences. Her approach to group workshops and individual coaching sessions is based on formal training in Life Skills Coaching, Adult Education, and evidence-based personality-type theory.


As a professional writer and editor, Kym has written articles for publication in dozens of magazines and newspapers and is the author of 4 books. She writes business documents, from funding proposals to annual reports, taught grammar and business writing courses at Western Continuing Studies, and  is an experienced writing coach. She is an effective content and copy editor for articles, books and business documents.
Engage, Educate, Inspire