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Hopping Into History London’s Old East Village        $14.95 A selective glimpse into one of London’s most interesting and historic neighbourhoods.                                                                                     
Available at these London retailers:   Attic Books  240 Dundas Street MUSE gift shop Museum London Uber Cool Stuff   123 Carling Street (also enter from Dundas)   Amazon.ca and Amazon.com The Fur-Bearing Trout only
Thanks to London Heritage Council for  supporting these 2 books
Books  Purchase at London bookstores or contact Kym to order directly
Barhopping Into History: London, Ontario  Sold Out -- but available at London Public Library A backgrounder on London’s favourite historic watering holes, and a selective glimpse into the history of London, told through the stories of heritage buildings that are now operating as bars.
Conversations with  the Artist Philip Aziz    $19.95  A fascinating account of the life of Canadian artist Philip Aziz, Canada’s “world famous ‘unknown’ master artist”
Hopping Into History books are beautifully illustrated by artist Cheryl Radford.  
The Fur-Bearing Trout…and Other True Tales of Canadian Life     $14.95  (short stories) A great short story is like a great dessert — delicious, rich and just the right portion size. Evocative, intimate, piercing andoften very funny, the stories in The Fur-Bearing Trout...and Other True Tales of Canadian Life capture a slice of the Canadian identity at its most ordinary and extraordinary. Exceptional writing, focused and insightful, each contributor offers perspectives on the way their life is rooted in this country, giving outsiders a glimpse into what it means\ to be Canadian, and helping Canadians discover their national identity in a new and highly entertaining light. Gord Delamont Founder & Creative Director London Inc. Magazine | TreeTown Media Group