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               Writer Kym never fails to impress. Her stories are well researched, entertaining and always on the mark. She generates great ideas and consistently delivers - one of my most trusted and relied-upon writers.    Gord Delamont  Founder & Creative Director London Inc  Magazine|TreeTown Media Group Kym has a fresh writing style that invites readers into her stories and keeps them engaged. She excels at both feature writing and business profiles, where her academic background is particularly evident. Kym is easy to work with, juggles multiple assignments well and is very conscientious at not only meeting, but beating, her deadlines. Kym is a great asset to Lifestyle. Judy Liebner Former Editor, Lifestyle magazine Kym always hits the mark with her stories: the right tone for our readers, and lots of substance, good research, and great writing. She’s reliable, enthusiastic, and provides the perfect photos, too!   Cecilia Buy Managing Editor, eatdrink magazine Kym Wolfe is one of our most reliable, go-to freelance contributors. Her stories are always informative, enlightening, well-researched and crisply written. Her love of the arts and affinity for arts writing keep Kym in demand. We are thrilled to have her on our roster of writers.      Richard Young  Publisher, The Beat Magazine
Editor Kym was an absolute pleasure to work with in the editing of my first book, The Integrity Vow: Engaging Your Authentic Self. I worked with several other editors however her attention to detail and value that she brought to the process was unparalleled. Ryan Hodge Coach/Speaker/Author I value not only Kym’s copywriting skills, but also her abilities as an all-round editor. She has a solid understanding of what makes a good story a great one, and her suggestions are always on point. Good writing, concise editing, an ear for the writer’s voice, and an awareness of our magazine’s style, and of the interests of our readers, are among the assets that Kym brings to the job. Cecilia Buy Managing Editor, eatdrink magazine Kym met with me several times as she went through the process of editing two of my children's stories. Asking questions and taking the time to understand the reasons why I wrote the stories came through in her edits and solved the issues I had been struggling with to complete my stories. She edited and polished my stories to perfection and I highly recommend Kym. Heather Greenwood Children’s Author